There are tons of great rides in our area – below are a number of our members favorites.  You can go to, and take a look at how long they are, how much elevation gain etc. Most of these are on roads the we prefer to ride on, because the shoulder is better or the surfaces is good or there is just not a lot of traffic on most of it. That does not mean you do not need to pay attention or that you may not find a rough patch here or there but these are routes we all ride frequently.

28 Miles with 1200 feet of elevation gain- Washington County toward Argyle and back

29 Miles with 900 feet of elevation gain-  One of our MNR Ride South routes

29 Miles with 1500 feet of elevation gain- From Glens Falls to the LG Tri Course and back

50 Miles with 1500 feet of Elevation Gain- The Flattest 50 miles you will find around here into Saratoga County

44 Miles with 2000 feet of Elevation Gain- Ride by the Lake George and out into Washington County

25 Miles with 800 feet of elevation gain – Country road riding

40 Miles with 1100 feet of elevation gain- a beautiful ride alone the river and around the lake

96 Miles with 6000 feet of elevation gain- lots of climbing headed up toward Schroon Lake

40 Miles and 3500 feet of elevation gain-  Some Gravel roads and a lot of hills