Find local resources and information about ways to stay active in the area.

Favorite Rides

One of our members has shared one of their favorite rides for you   Blog posters Occupation;  professional dog petting expert, avid dog toy tosser, practicing triathlete. One of my favorite local rides; I’ve always loved being able to leave my home on two wheels [...]

High hopes – Calendar

We had such High hopes for this year with our friends in Adirondack Multi sports. Now we are looking forward to the second half of the year. Looking back, the night that we did our "Kick off Social" was the beginning of the end.  Days [...]

MTB Trails

Here are some links to so of the best Mountain Bike Riding in the Area Gurney Lane Mountain Bike Park- Rated #2 in  NYS for Riding last year-  A small park with great hand built and machine built single track, lots of flow, great for [...]

Where to Trail Run?

Check out our calendar for a list of all kinds of local events that include some trail running races and check out the links below for some close trails you can run on. Trust Me, you will not be the first one to say, I [...]

Where to Hike?

We live in an amazing place to get outdoors with tons of great hikes right out your back door.  This link below has great information on what to expect from each other them, where to find them, pictures of what you might see while there. [...]

Where to Ride?

There are tons of great rides in our area – below are a number of our members favorites.  You can go to, and take a look at how long they are, how much elevation gain etc. Most of these are on roads the we prefer [...]


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