One of our members has shared one of their favorite rides for you


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One of my favorite local rides; I’ve always loved being able to leave my home on two wheels and know that in just a few minutes I’m on a beautiful Washington County road less traveled. During this crazy time of life, a friend and I have made it a point to begin a Friday morning riding ritual to incorporate some hill work into our training. There’s nothing like chasing a skilled cyclist up a hill that easily allows for social distancing!

Leaving from our homes and heading to spier falls rd. In Moreau, most know this fun climb, is a sustained mile climb and drops onto a nice winding ride along the Hudson. (Check Strava before heading out for the .4 section segment and top times. I am not one of them but you can try for K/QOM).

A few rolling hills and a quick left bring another awesome climb up and over Corinth mountain rd. A good opportunity to practice descending and a few options at the bottom of the hill to scoot over toward Moreau State park via 9 and old Saratoga rd or the slightly longer scenic route, Gansevoort rd to Kabor, Mott and onto west river rd.

Some days you can catch a bald eagle along the river or just take in the view while cruising the freshly paved road. There’s rarely a day when we don’t see another cyclist on WR Rd and the minimal traffic always seems to be observant and offer gracious distance when passing.


If you want one more punchy climb, make the left on Clark rd. After the hill, a quick right on Burt. You might be treated to a stunning peacock or hot air balloon floating overhead. Both observed recently, sadly I wasn’t quick enough with a camera. Once you cross over 197, you are heading in the direction of home.. wherever that is. Enjoy the ride folks and don’t forget to greet your fellow cyclists along the way!


Tips for fellow riders; wear bright colors, use a blinking light, stay as far right as possible when you see a car back- some folks don’t mean to be jerks when passing, they just don’t have family or friends who are cyclist and hear them regularly complain about close calls.

And my favorite general life rule… be compassionate and kind and a bike ride will help to solve most problems. Enjoy the ride!

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