We had such High hopes for this year with our friends in Adirondack Multi sports. Now we are looking forward to the second half of the year.

Looking back, the night that we did our “Kick off Social” was the beginning of the end.  Days prior to that event our host was told they had to reduce occupancy by 50% and we wrestled with the idea of postponing. If we had, it would have never happened.  Those of you who were there know how excited we were to introduce our new website (www.adirondackmultisport.com ) with all of the exciting information we had on it, the great calendar feature with all of the training and races in the area, so many ways to get together and share the things we love to do.

And Then……………Covid-19, or Corona Virus, or Quarantine, whatever you want to call it, we call it the end of fun as the world closed up to be safe and dashed our spring season dreams.

I just erased almost everything we had put in the calendar through June, all of them Cancelled. But I am looking forward to re-populating it with new and exciting opportunities.  Yes, they will be different, we brought back the Monday Night Ride last week and we just had to keep the groups smaller.  But you know what? we did it, we rode with Friends, we had a great night and there can be more of it.  The lake is getting up to temp for open water swimming, the mountain bike trails are in fantastic shape around the area and open, many of our hiking trails are opening back up and little by little we are finding normal again.  So, help us, share your training opportunities, or events you know of that will be happening.  Let’s fill this calendar back up and get back to having some fun.

Anyone have an idea for a limited size get together or training opportunity? share it with us